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These are our own LDBCO beers, brewed in house and in regular rotation depending on the season. We aim to have a couple Little Dipper brews on tap all the time in addition to a host of other fine craft beers that change almost daily. See our On Tap Now page for today's selections

Kochab the Guardian        

Style: Old Ale

7.2% ABV     47 IBUs

Kochab is the brightest star in the bowl of the "Little Dipper” and only slightly fainter than Polaris (the North Star). It is also referred to as one of the Guardians of the Poles as it shared the title of “North Star” over 1000 years ago. Our hail to this old star comes in the form of this Old Ale. These beers tend to be tilted toward a maltier balance. Deeper in color then brown ales and with somewhat significant alcohol percentages. “It should be a warming beer of the type that is best drunk in half pints by a warm fire on a cold winter’s night” – Michael Jackson Our Old Ale has a deep, subtle aroma with notes of vanilla, oak and roasted malt. This leads into a complex sweetness that is characterized with vanilla, spice, rye, oak, caramel and a slight creaminess. We brewed this beer to pair well with bourbon. So enjoy it on its own or alongside your favorite whiskey.

Bourbon Barrel Need of the Many, Vulcan Imperial Stout        

Style: Stout

ABV 12% IBU 60

Explore the dark reaches of specialty grains. A federation of Kiln Coffee, Chocolate and dark Carafa malts are the primary coordinates as you  step through the aromatic portal of toasty sweetness and discover a strong, rich stout where notes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla  are  launched into Warp Drive as the already intense and complex malt is engaged with whiskey and wood.

Northwood Night Sky Amber Lager       

Style: American Stout

Abv 5.5%

A smooth and elegant light copper amber.  Lightly roasted malt richness with just a touch of bitterness from a gentle hop addition that satisfies and then refreshes with a clean crisp finish.   Medium body.  


Red Sweater Winter Warmer       

Style: Winter Ale

ABV 7.9%

Tasty and comforting winter ale just in time for the holidays. Cozy up to the big roasted malt body knitted with generous hop character and threads of citrus and spice. Try on the Big Red Sweater – you won’t want to take it off!

Summertime Kolsch       

Style: Kolsh

ABV 6.2%

The Northwood Summertime Kölsch is technically not a Kölsch, since by German beer law a Kölsch can only be brewed in the German city of Cologne (Köln, in German). OK, we'll call it a Kölsch-style beer and we're 

quite happy we brewed it here at Little Dipper Brewing Company in Battle Ground USA! This is a beautifully refreshing golden ale, wonderful for summer days. Its lovely light color, grainy, malty aroma, and delicate balance of fruitiness, malt and light hop flavors, with a brisk, clean, finish will refresh and inspire you.

The joy of Kölsch is in its subtlety. This smooth journey of sensations that might seem  unremarkable individually, adds up to an extraordinarily pleasant taste ensemble. Its clean, restrained malt flavors and light hop bitterness are not meant to overwhelm but instead  blissfully satisfy  summertime thirsts.


The Village Idiot       

Style: Imperial IPA

10% ABV     102 IBUs

For our first IPA we didn’t want to disappoint. A massive imperial IPA with heavy handed hop additions, this beer has a very clean, resinous like bitterness. Flavors of pine, grapefruit and citrus dominate the palate while a light malt backbone provides the stage for this hop bomb. We have triple dry hopped this beast of a beer to acquire the beautiful, citrusy aroma that we wanted. When this beer is on tap be careful to not become the next “Village Idiot!”

Ursa Woofus Imperial Pumpkin Ale       

Style: Pumpkin Ale

ABV 9.5%

With 36 lbs. of pumpkin in a 2 barrel mash, this brew is definitely pumpkin-forward, but there's so much more! A tantalizing blend of honey, maple syrup, and Belgian candy sugar deliver a delectable compliment to the rich pumpkin and malt without cloying sweetness.  Judicious use of Magnum and Simcoe hops harmonize with pitch perfect bitterness. At 9.5% ABV, Ursa Woofus is a howling good fall sipper and may just make you want to bark at the Little Dipper!








Gary Gross and Mike O'Heron, LDBCO's intrepid brewers

Meet LDBCO's Brewers

Introducing Gary Gross and Mike O'Heron who have taken over the helm of The Little Dipper Brewing Company, Northwood's in house nano brewery. Both Mike and Gary bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion to the job. Avid home brewers for the past 20 years, and brew partners for the past several, these two retired engineers (chemical and electrical respectively) are continuing their quest for the best beers of every variety. Their first efforts for LDBCO have met and surpassed all our hopes, keeping LDBCO's stellar reputation going strong.
Mike and Gary are local Battle Ground and Brush Prarie residents, dog lovers like us, and respected in other aspects of the beverage industry. Gary owns and operates Ethereal Meads and Mike is the craft brewery sales representative for Marks Design and Metal Works, makers of stainless kettles for brewing of all kinds. We love how all these connections weave together, enriching our Northwood family in so many ways. Next time you're in check out the brewhouse to see what's being brewed now, and if you happen to catch Mike and Gary at work feel free to stop and chat.